Who We Are

HRBeep is a consulting firm providing tailored Recruitment services, founded as a boutique agency, which specializes in sourcing quality professional talent for tech companies. We are mavens in supporting talent sourcing and hiring processes, for IT teams that are thriving at a blitz scaling pace, be it in a startup environment or in the corporate level. Our goal is to provide a quality-centric experience that puts our client's needs first, with the commitment to ensure higher retention and stable growth.

We are a distributed team of professionals with ample experience across different Tech verticals, with unique expertise to spot and connect with niche talent in the FinTech, Gaming, Finance, Mobile and Web Dev verticals. We run on a hybrid B2B and B2C framework, where we see both organizations and candidates as our clients; because we put relationships first and thrive with the candidates and the companies we connect them with.

Our Services

  • Talent Acquisition and Recruitment
  • Growth & Team Escalation
  • Hiring Processes and Agile Hiring

Our Mission To provide a seamless hiring experience to our clients and candidates, by connecting unique opportunities with the best tech talent in the market, and to cultivate those relationships with zeal and commitment, always DELIVERING THE BEST CANDIDATES and ensuring higher retention rates.

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